Invisible spray sunscreen for extremely high protection, also on wet skin!

Based on the innovative ‘Wet Skin System’ technology, for water durability at the pool or at the beach.

  •  Can be sprayed directly onto both wet and dry skin.
  •  Doesn’t leave a white cast and dries within seconds.
  •  Blocks over 90% of UVA radiation and filters UVB radiation.

Helps protect the skin against sun burns and other sun damages, 50 times more than the skin’s natural defense mechanisms.

Contains Vitamin E and pro-Vitamin B5, for enriching the skin with moisture.


Shake well before use. Spray on the skin and spread all over.

When used on the face: spray onto the palm of your hand and apply to the face.

Apply before going out in the sun.

We recommend spraying twice consecutively to create an even and generous layer of the sunscreen so that sun-exposed skin is covered entirely.

Apply every two hours, and in case of perspiration, swimming or towel drying, apply again.

Paraben-free * Hypoallergenic

Recommended by the American Skin Cancer Foundation / the American CancerSociety

Blocks over 90% of UVA radiation, according to Australian standards