Skin Gard, of the Careline brand, is a leading label in sun care and protection.

Launched in 2000, Skin Gard products contain groundbreaking formulas which comply with the most stringent standards in the world.

The Skin Gard series includes a wide range of innovate products, which provide sun care solutions for maintaining healthy skin that is protected from sun damages.

Skin Gard provides the best and the most groundbreaking solutions in sun care and protection for all types of consumers, ranging from infants and children, to adults who work out in the outdoors.

The products also offer a wide range of sun-protection levels, from SPF 15, all the way up to SPF 70, providing every need, level of exposure and skin type with a corresponding solution.

All Skin Gard products are developed after in-depth international research and are produced under close monitoring and strict quality assurance.

Aside from their functionality, the products are developed to give a comfortable user experience, through light textures, ease of application, resistance to perspiration and water and by corresponding with the level of sun exposure and skin type.

The benefits of Skin Gard products:

  • Recommended by the American Skin Cancer Foundation / the American CancerSociety
  • Block over 90% of UVA radiation according to Australian standards
  • Filter UVB radiation with varying SPF levels (SPF 15-70)
  • Light textures that quickly absorb into the skin
  • Hypoallergenic and water resistant
  • Not tested on animals